Tagged As A ‘Flight Risk’! – Obaid Is Slapped With Electronic Cuff

The PetroSaudi boss and alleged mega-fraudster, Tarek Obaid, spent last week arguing in the Swiss Court that he needed protection from Saudi Arabia. A rebuttal by the court has undermined his story….

Looks Like Najib’s ‘Pardon’ Just Backfired?

Did Najib and his lawyers shoot themselves in the foot by pulling their half-baked royal favour in advance of a far bigger sentence now in prospect over 1MDB? Despite the popular fury they will not be happy either. The all important waiver of guilt they had requested was rebuffed at the highest level, along with hopes of instant freedom……

PetroSaudi Trial Will Sit Awkwardly With Haythornthwaite Appointment To Head NatWest

Originally planned for February the much delayed prosecution of PetroSaudi’s directors over 1MDB is now scheduled to start on April 2nd in the Swiss courts. That’s just two weeks before the company’s former COO, Rick Haythornthwaite, is due to become the Chairman of one of the UK’s top banks. It should leave plenty of room for embarrassment as observers ask whether he was a complicit or merely an incompetent COO? ……

1MDB’s Early Players Are Finally Brought To Trial In Switzerland

Almost ten years after the world was alerted to the Heist of the Century Swiss prosecutors have finally brought to trial two nationals identified at the heart of the conspiracy by Sarawak Report. Whistleblower Xavier Justo has called it an opportunity to show the world that Switzerland is “no longer a harbour for stolen money”……..

New Nat West Chair – The Contract That Wasn’t; The £2m Bonus He “Did Not Receive” and The “Inappropriate” Tax Avoidance Plan He Suggested But “Never Executed”

The new Chairman of Nat West, appointed as a “safe pair of hands” in the wake of the scandal over Coutts, has erased mention of his former employment as COO/President of 1MDB JV partner, PetroSaudi International. At the time he suggested an off-shore tax avoidance scheme for the payment of his bonus …. to be managed by Coutts Zurich, the bank later fined for money laundering Jho Low’s ‘Heist of the Century’ from 1MDB….

Who Is Jasmine Loo?

The high life turned into life on the run for Jho Lows gang and now these prime witnesses are turning themselves in……

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