Acquitted But Not Found Innocent

Umno secretary general Datuk Ahmad Maslan has been acquitted and discharged of his money laundering and giving false statements to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) charges.

High Court judge Datuk Ahmad Shahrir Mohd Salleh made the decision today after the prosecution told the court that they had withdrawn the charges against the former deputy finance minister.

The law firm representing Ahmad, Messrs Shahrul Hamidi & Haziq, issued a statement about its client’s acquittal.

It said the prosecution had withdrawn the charges against the accused as he had paid a RM1.1 million compound.

Our comment

Ahmad Maslan’s strutting behaviour mimics that of a man who has been vindicated of false accusations! There is none of the humble shame of a man forced to pay a fine of over a million, but who has thankfully escaped the lock up.

Maslan is acting joyful and triumphant as if he were a man who had to fight to save his good name. Perhaps, nay doubtless, he will start to portray himself as exactly that.

He isn’t innocent, as everyone knows.  He has merely been let off by a government that is based wholly on corrupt practice, comprised of parties united only by a corrupt agenda.

Everyone now from the top to bottom in the PN coalition is motivated by a desire for personal gain in in many cases a desire to get off the hook over their previous corruption and misdeeds.

One by one they are letting themselves off. That’s the deal.

Meanwhile, the people at the bottom suffer in myriad ways oppressed by further restrictions against their freedoms disguised as ‘Covid’ measures, but as much designed to silence their dissent.

PN are now raping the country. Just to provide the bigger picture as this latest small fry escapes his penalty, Malaysia has the national humiliation of going into the global Climate Conference COP next month as one of the countries with the worst deforestation records on the planet and yet the logging continues.

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