Hadi Sees His Own Sins In Others

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang launched a scathing broadside against those politicising the Covid-19 situation and accusing the government of failing to contain the pandemic.

Pointing out that not a single nation has succeeded in curbing the spread of the virus, he also noted the emergence of more infectious variants.

Without mincing words, the veteran politician said those who hurled such accusations are “mad with politicking”.

Shooting for the stars with his criticism, Hadi (above) said these people “appeared to be dwelling on another planet and not on earth.”

Apart from referring to the unfulfilled promises in the Pakatan Harapan manifesto with regard to the last general election, he attributed the detractors’ actions to “political greed and thirst for power.”

Our comment

Backdoor Hadi is always swift to criticise others for failings that he blatantly exhibits himself.

This is a man who poses as a religious leader (genuine religion strives to remain above politics) in order to progress his earthly agenda of personal power and wealth. In the process he has caused deaths by firing up extreme passions among followers. Even Saudi Arabia has banned him as a terrorist, although laughably the ever unscrupulous Mahiaddin has rewarded him with the title of ‘Envoy to the Middle East’ a place he dare not visit.

Meanwhile, although he daily claims to place his wellbeing in the hands of the divine, he races constantly to hospital to receive the best modern medicine that science (and deep pockets) can provide, in order to counter the effects of overeating and other indulgences on his elderly heart.

To further his personal power agenda Hadi manoeuvred into the top position in a party that for decades had campaigned against the depravities of UMNO (using secret support from UMNO who was seeking to infiltrate PAS in just this manner) and started to attack those within the party who continued to support the opposition on the spurious grounds that they were not radically religious enough.

Having got rid of that half of the PAS movement (now Amanah) he steered the remaining MPs through the last election still pretending to oppose BN/UMNO to ordinary voters whilst secretly receiving support from Najib to fund an increasingly lavish lifestyle and political machine. Only PAS contested every seat at the last election – funded by UMNO.

Straight after the election Hadi drove his astonished party to at last openly join UMNO, after years of thinking they were in opposition to all the corruption that UMNO represents. They thought they were the ‘moral’ party after all.

Having got into office (at last) by then joining in with the egregious antics of yet more former opponents, namely the rebels bought over from Bersatu and PKR, Hadi and his followers have been engaged ever since in an orgy of self-indulgence and waste, awarding themselves lucrative jobs and positions and doing very little actual work in the midst of the Pandemic.

He has supported the closing down of Parliament on the grounds that democracy is a waste of time now that Allah is allegedly ruling the country through his good self and his fellow rag-tag bag of rebel coup-mongers.

So, when a desperate population starts through their actual representatives to criticise this abuse, Hadi naturally assumes their motives match his own. It is “politicking” to point out that PAS are pillaging the nation and neglecting to focus on the pandemic, he opines. These critics are merely ‘greedy’ and ‘thirsting for power’ that he wants to continue to enjoy himself.

It seems the only person who cannot see all this for what it is is Hadi himself. So  perhaps it is he who resides in ‘outer space’ or maybe just a in self-deluded bubble on planet Earth?


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