MACC Goes After 'False' CV Entry!!!

MACC has lodged another police report against whistleblower Lalitha Kunaratnam, who is currently fighting a lawsuit brought by its chief commissioner Azam Baki.

This time, an MACC officer claimed that Lalitha had lied to the court by stating that she is a researcher with the Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4 Center).

The whistleblower, who is being sued by Azam for write-ups about his share ownership in public-listed companies, had put the job description in her statement of defence.

However, MACC is disputing Lalitha’s claim, saying that she was no longer an employee of C4 Center since Dec 2020.

Our comment

So the brave big boys of the MACC are not content with merely suing young Lalitha in a civil court, they have decided on a criminal charge and the best crime they have been able to come up with is that she pumped her CV!

Lalitha allegedly claimed she worked longer as a researcher for C4 than was actually the case, possibly to give herself a little more sense of backing as she exposed the highly questionable and extraordinarily well funded share dealing of the MACC boss.

The MACC boss says it wasn’t him but his brother using his account (for reasons unexplained). This is against the law but the SEC has said it has found nothing wrong.

However, the public remain outraged and the MACC have clearly decided that the only way to solve their problems is to destroy Lalitha in every way possible. Maybe they think this will deter other whistleblowers…. just in case there might be any chance of other less than flattering information out there about the MACC hierarchy?  Just a thought.

So, every parent (including those at the MACC) whose budding young off-spring might have somewhat over-burnished their credentials as they search for jobs had better now live in fear. A police report might loom from the agency set up to investigate high level corruption by officials of the state.

What we can be certain (after a solid track record of blindness in this regard) is that the legions of top politicians and officials who have been caught blatantly lying about their bogus qualifications and degrees will remain untouched.

No police reports from the MACC against them!

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