Of Course Najib Should Return As UMNO President!

The former premier finally spoke about his comeback aspirations in an interview with Reuters, indicating that he intends to defend his seat in Pekan.

The intriguing part was his claim that he would find a way to get around the fact that he may be disqualified from contesting given the string of corruption charges against him.

Najib has been around long enough to know the election rules. He is appealing a conviction on one of his 1MDB related cases as well as fighting a devastating bankruptcy order, either of which could mess up hopes of a comeback…

However, an Umno insider noticed that Najib has been meeting up with more Umno division heads in the last month or so.

“Yes, it’s true, Najib wants to come back as Umno president. The intention is there,” said a division leader who attended one of the meetings. “He wants our opinion on whether there is still support for him,” said the division leader.”

Najib told them he is not interested in becoming the prime minister again but wants to rebuild the party.


Source: Star

Our comment

As Najib well knows he is the perfect person to represent UMNO is just about every way. And, as a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain he is more motivated, relentless and ruthlessly determined than all his colleagues to snatch the prize.

As they say jail or jackpot!

And he reflects his party to a tee. This is a man who is only too happy to preach humble morality and pretend to holiness, whilst committing almost every sin known to man and swearing on the holy book that he has done no wrong.

UMNO well knows how to manage suckers (aka the poor electorate in their constituencies). If they can’t be bribed with small change you hammer them with oppressive law suits – alternatively they conveniently just disappear (thanks to the Gods). Najib has seen it all.

He is also a man with inherited status rather than tested merit, which perfectly matches a party that is structured around connections, favouritism and the fortune of birth or marriage.

He is also one of the few remaining UMNO leaders presently in a position to satisfy the values and aspirations of the rank and file officials of the party – namely their thirst for unearned cash. This ability has been marvellously enhanced following the return to him of the horde of unexplained income confiscated from his premises back in 2018 by the now UMNO dominated government.

Small wonder that UMNO leaders are now fast repairing to his door (clutching empty carrier bags?) and bearing promises to further his ambitious cause.

Najib has become a global emblem of graft, lazy opportunism, exploitation of the weak and educationally neglected as well as the international poster boy for crass and blatant abuse of power and office – the most famous kleptocrat on Planet Earth.

So, on what possible grounds can it be denied that he is the perfect individual to return to lead the degenerate and corrupted UMNO party of Malaysia?

Ismail should appoint him directly (subject to the suitable fee, which can doubtless be loaned by China in return for a surrender of the requisite segments of the country’s remaining economic infrastructure and resource base).

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