The Future Will Judge Musa’s Legacy

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Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) Kota Kinabalu is now known as MRSM Tan Sri Musa Aman, in recognition of the services of the former Sabah chief minister, said Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He said that Musa, as the Sabah chief minister, had contributed a lot to the state. In fact, Musa was one of the important individuals in the efforts to establish MRSM Kota Kinabalu 21 years ago.

In this regard, Zahid, who is also the rural and regional development minister, reminded the current generation to always remember and respect the efforts of previous generations in providing the comfort they presently enjoy.

“Although he (Musa) is no longer the chief minister, as his friend I must recognise him as the former chief minister.

The crooks from UMNO’s shameful past can pat themselves on the back as much as they like. They know how they will go down in history and indeed how they are thought of now.

Musa, having robbed Sabah through waves of destructive logging, fled in a blind panic after the landslide election in 2018 which saw the kleptocrats like him driven out of office.

He hid in London and then when finally extracted back to face the music, namely 46 charges relating to corruption and money laundering linked to timber concessions in the state, he took to his bed pleading sickness for several weeks.

The world scorned the craven bully who had once swaggered over the impoverished state. It still does.

His fortunes rose again, after Malaysia’s political crooks managed to buy over enough PH deserters to stage a backdoor coup against the elected government. After all, his brother, Najib’s former foreign minister and a key supporter over 1MDB, was there at the heart of the coup regime to champion his release.

So, did this ‘hero’ of Sabah emerge victorious from the court having been found innocent of all charges? Of course not! The newly appointed AG merely followed political orders and dropped all the charges in one fell swoop without a single word of explanation – not that anyone needed an explanation.

How shameful, therefore, for the junior scientists of Sabah to have the name of such a man stuck over the door as they pursue their, hopefully, honest studies. However, they will surely ignore the insult and moving into the future the name will also be removed.

Musa will be remembered by future generations in Sabah and Malaysia as one of the generation of kleptocrats who used his wealth and influence to avoid just punishment. That is all.

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